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Tumblr: Creating Mini-Transmedia Fiction One Blog-Post at a Time

Tumblr: Creating Mini-Transmedia Fiction One Blog-Post at a Time

By on Sep 11, 2013 in Featured | 3 comments

Tumblr is one of the many blog sites available and popular on the Internet at the moment. One of its primary uses is to allow an ease of publishing for short content that can be reblogged or passed on to others to see. The website is easily a transmedia fiction platform, as blog posts allow the formation of transmedia fiction. A big part of this is because, similar to Reddit, the commentary on posts becomes an actual part of the post, while comments on many other blog and social networking sites can easily be ignored and can have little visible impact on the original story. The combination of multiple posts creates an shared story, often using multiple mediums. If you are not familiar with tumblr, tumblogs can be devoted to a number of subjects like cosplay portfolios, webcomics, art blogs, teaching history, cataloging sexism in comics, or just reblogging things you think are cool. Numerous professionals and companies also keep tumblogs to support their products and communicate with their fans and consumers (e.g., kellysue, gailsimone, kodanshacomics). Blog posts on their own can include a number of things, including pure text, music, videos, links to other websites, GIFs, pictures, fanart, fanfiction, and commentary of some sort on any of the above. As posts are reblogged and additions are made, they become a shared story and people can add any of the above onto the post. They can respond to a text post with links or add other commentary like their own personal experiences, answers to questions, questions for other writers on the post, jokes, puns, rants on the subject or a related subject, etc. Posters often take a video and GIF it with added text for humor or find the video a screenshot is taken from and GIF it. The array of options easily allows for multiplatform storytelling. Let’s look at an example post. I will be using screenshots of the post to focus on the different parts, but to see the whole post in better detail, just go here. This is a post that has been moving around tumblr for quite some time now. The original post is a group of pictures to show the RGB Colorspace Atlas by...

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