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Transmedia Journalism

Transmedia Journalism

By on Oct 6, 2013 in Featured |

Reading traditional newspapers seems to be really old fashioned. Since news could reach us on our mobile phone many things have changed. News has followed a pattern from paper to tablet, from words to images and video, from simply reading the news to be part of their creation. The old traditional paper media is not enough anymore, we need many platforms to feel informed. What is really new in what I’d like to define as Transmedia Journalism? According to the Nieman Lab, the “Drudge Report” was the first online journal to have real success. It was 1998 and Matt Drudge, its founder,had the courage to publish an article about what would have become the Monica Lewinsky scandal. The “Newsweek” waited too much and lost its opportunity. Online beat paper for the first time: Speed is one of our key words. What about “The Huffington Post”? HuffPost was born in 2005 thanks to Arianna Huffington, Kenneth Lerer and Jonah Peretti. it is described as “one part social network, one part news content site” by the CEO Eric Hippeau. Networking and Interactivity are the basis of this online news aggregator as confirm Micheal Shapiro in his interesting article about the HuffPost. So far we have some elements that seem to distinguish transmedia journalism: Speed, Networking and Interactivity. There are so many news coming from different media: newspapers, television, and the Internet. We can’t follow everything, there is an information overload so how could we find and select what is really interesting for us? Jonathan Stray in his article “Who should see what when? Three principles for personalized news” explains that every person has unique interests, is uniquely affected by larger events and has a unique capacity to act. So we should read a news story if it interests us, if we are affected by it, and if we are able to do something for it. Customized or Personalized Journalism has been created to help people find what they want through the enormous amount of information they have. But what is Customized Journalism? According to Matt Schlicht it is “a service that passively delivers and recommends prioritized content to the user based on their ever changing interest and social graph.” It seems...

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