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Nancy Drew and The Clue Crew

Nancy Drew and The Clue Crew

By on Sep 26, 2013 in Featured | 2 comments

In 1930, a 16-year-old girl discovered The Secret of the Old Clock and ignited a phenomenon. Since that first Nancy Drew novel was published, she has been featured in at least five movies, two television shows, one television movie, four Nintendo DS games, thirty-one computer games and over five-hundred books. Over time she has evolved, with her age, appearance and disposition fluctuating throughout the years. Though no two incarnations of Nancy are identical, the core of the character remains steadfast: she’s just a girl who loves to solve mysteries. That core has captivated millions of fans over multiple generations. The latest generation of Nancy Drew fans use social media as a way to connect with each other. Though the previous generations focused their attention mostly on the books, this online generation appears to focus more on the computer games. Specifically, they focus on the twenty-eight (soon to be twenty-nine) Nancy Drew adventure games produced by Her Interactive. Her Interactive published their first Nancy Drew title, Secrets Can Kill, in 1998. Taking on the role of Nancy Drew, players went undercover to figure out who murdered Jake Rodgers, a student at Paseo del Mar High School by interviewing other characters, completing puzzles and searching for clues. The game required players to switch between two disks when they traveled between different locations and is the only Nancy Drew game to feature 2-D graphics. Technical shortcomings aside, the game introduced a compelling hook. Players wanted more. Her Interactive has published at least one new game per year since 1998 and two new games per year since 2001. The company has provided numerous resources to help fans of the games connect with each other, including an official message board, a Facebook page,  a Twitter feed, a Pinterest page, a YouTube account and a Tumblr account. Tumblr is one of the most active social media platforms for fans of the Nancy Drew games, as the format of the website is well-suited to the fans’ methods of expression. Nancy Drew fans on Tumblr refer to themselves as members of “The Clue Crew.” They use the site to share information and opinions about the games, utilizing Tumblr’s multi-media sharing capabilities. Tumblr has also allowed fans to compile a...

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